Stomach Balloon

Stomach balloon is one of the endoscopic interventions like Botox to lose weight and commonly applied. This balloon is placed into the stomach and inflated. There are different features and brands of balloons for the operations to be applied.

Inflated Balloon:

It is placed in the stomach by endoscopy in deflated state and inflated with an amount of air varying between 500-700 cc based on the stomach volume of the patient. The balloon has a valve mechanism similar to that of a vehicle wheel, and the air may decrease over time. It is inconvenient if the balloon remains for a long time because it causes damage to the stomach wall. Therefore; In general, it should be removed in a period of 6-8 months.

The balloon is inflated with liquid in the stomach. Because of its weight, this application gives better results than an inflated balloon. There is less risk of fluid leakage from the valve mechanism. Volume reduction may occur in the inflated balloon over time, and this volume reduction may decrease the weight loss rate. The balloon, which is inflated with liquid, is also removed after 6-8 months.

It has a mechanism that provides the opportunity to decrease and increase the water volume on the gastric balloon. It can remain in the stomach for a long time, such as one year, and can be re-inflated by endoscopy when its volume decreases.

The non-endoscopic gastric balloon capsule is swallowed for placement. After a period of 4 -6 months, the balloon dissolves on its own and does not need to be removed.

In the balloon application, the stomach volume is reduced by mechanical means and the passage of food into the intestine is delayed. In this way, weight loss is achieved. A strict dietitian follow-up is required after the application.

According to our experience, stomach botox and balloon treatments are based on three basic elements;

  • Correct application,
  • Strict dietitian follow-up and
  • The patient’s desire to lose weight

Adherence to these three elements give successful results, otherwise weight loss may not be possible.

It is the first stage of obesity treatment. We have customized diet programs, prepared with our expert and experienced dietitians, for our patients. You may contact through the given numbers to get information on this subject, and you can follow our dietitians on their social media accounts.

Stomach Botox

Stomach Botox is a totally pain-free procedure by entering the stomach through the mouth through the “Endoscope” under anesthesia. It takes less than 10 minutes and the patients recover very quickly. It is possible for patients to leave the hospital in 30 minutes and continue their daily life. “After the application, sleepiness and distraction may occur for 2 hours. That is why, the patients mustn’t drive within these 2 hours.

Dr. Ferhat Çelik and his expert team aim for high success with strict Check-Ups of the process. For more information, you can contact us and follow our Instagram and Youtube accounts.

“Botulinum Toxin” is applied to 40 different points in the muscle layer of the stomach through a special needle of endoscope, thus reducing the stomach muscle movements. After the application to the fundus area, the production of “Ghrelin Hormone” decreases. As the result, the food stays in the stomach for a longer time and the feeling of hunger decreases. This effect starts after the 3rd day and reaches the highest level in the 3rd month, can last up 6 months.

Stomach Botox is a common method applied for many years and the effect of this application completely disappears after 6 months. As long as the application is made by meticulous and experienced doctors, there is no risk. According to the feedback we received over 1000 patients; On the 3rd day, there are no serious complaints except some patients who experienced for heartburn and the feeling of stone sitting in the stomach, and these complaints passed within 2-3 days using prescribed medicine. 

Based on knowledge and experience we have gained over many years; it is possible to say that the most ideal patient group are people with a weight of up to 20 kg. Success rates decrease in people who weigh more than 20 kg.

Stomach Botox application has been a preferred method for a long time. However, considering this application as a miraculous treatment is not the right approach. Although the success rate is high when applied to the right patients, it is not possible to get a conclusive result. After the injection, a strict diet program and dietitian follow-up are required. The success of the procedure depends on the patient’s ability to recognize and respond to signals of hunger and fullness in the body. Many people think that there is a possibility of losing weight even if their old eating habits continue, and the biggest mistake starts here. Even though patients, to whom are applied Botox, get hungry later, get full with less portions, and feel satiety earlier, they cannot benefit from it if they continue their old eating habits and/or don’t obey exercise program prepared for them. That is why, it is extremely important that the process is followed up by a good team.

We have a high success rate in this application, both with our patient selection and with our close follow-up after the procedure.

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