What is a sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most commonly applied surgery option related to obesity today. It is also known as stomach reduction surgery in general. Within the scope of Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the stomach is reduced by 80% to 90% depending on the weight of which patient needs to lose.

How Is Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed?

Within the scope of sleeve gastrectomy surgery, patients sleep and feel no pain under general anaesthesia during the process and the surgery is performed “laparoscopically” through small holes in the abdomen. We perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery using our own “3 Hole Technique”. In this technique; holes are 1 cm, 1 cm and 5 cm. These holes become too small to be seen in a year. The duration of the operation varies between 40 minutes and 1 hour, and 90% of our patients are taken to their recovery rooms after the operation. You will be taken from your room on a stretcher and brought back. The time between these two processes is usually 2-2.5 hours. However, we take our patients with high risk to the “Intensive Care Unit” for a while in order to keep them under observation and safe.
We understand that the relatives of the patients feel stressed during the surgery, and in this regard, we provide detailed information to the patients and their relatives about all the processes related to the surgery in advance and afterwards.
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Can the Stomach Size Be Adjusted in Sleeve (tube) Gastrectomy?

It is possible to adjust the stomach volume according to the weight of the patients. We can regulate the size of the stomach at rates such as 80%-85%-90% by changing the area to be cut at the exit part of the stomach. In this way, we prevent the patient from losing excessive weight by adjusting the weight to be lost. In order to prevent our patients from getting too thin, we always check with our patients about their ideal weight before the surgery.

What are the benefits?

It is one of the two most commonly performed surgeries in the world, and it has been the most commonly performed surgery in the last 15 years. The main reason for this is that patient satisfaction is quite high. The most important benefits can be listed as;

  • the operation time is short, 
  • the complication rates are extremely low, 
  • the postoperative recovery period is fast, 
  • the return to normal life is short and unproblematic.

As a result of our over 10 years of experience as a team, we see that our patients are quite satisfied with having “Sleeve Gastrectomy”. Your happiness is our success.
Dr. Ferhat Çelik and his expert team aim for high success with strict Check-Ups of the process. For more information, you can contact us and follow our Instagram and Youtube accounts.

Gastric sleeve surgery costs in Turkey - İzmİR

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

* It is the all inclusive operating fee that we charge with the closed method and 3 holes..

* This operation is a private operation.

* No installment payments possible

* Cash payment on site

* 3-4 days overnight stay in a private hospital including meals + accompaniment

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