Why Obesity Surgery?

Surgical treatments have become more applicable than other treatment methods against this disease as obesity possesses an important health problem. Almost 100% success rate of these operation is another reason for preference. Of course, the experienced surgeon and the expert team who performed these operations are the key elements in this success. Myself and my team are in Izmir for you to have a successful surgery in confidence.

Turkey has come to the fore in this field as a result of the investments it has made in the field of health in the last 20 years. Quality and well-equipped hospitals with experienced healthcare profesionals have increased interest from overseas .Myself and my team, we promised to provide you with high quality experience as well as friendly service. We know the doubts and fears of people who decide to have surgery in a foreign country. We do what is necessary for you to have a smooth and comfortable surgery process. Our most important rule is patient satisfaction with the pre- and post-surgery process.

Why Turkey?

Although Turkey is a developing country, it is at the level of developed countries in the field of medicine. The abundance of private hospitals and health clinics across the country has created a competitive environment. In this way, it increased the standards of service quality reliabilty. In addition to these, the exchange rates of the Turkish Lira make the quality service quite affordable for international patients.

Myself and my team use the highest quality equipments and apply the most reliable surgical techniques in order to prevent any complications when you return to your country. We treat our patients with problem-free surgical techniques and dedicated postoperative care.

Our Surgecal Instruments

We know that some patients planning to have obesity surgery are curious about the brands of the instruments used. Most of the patients meet with obesity surgeons in their own countries and some surgeons may claim that surgeons don’t use FDA-approved materials in Turkey. Myself and my team are aware of the problems we may encounter when using low quality products, and how valuable human life is. We use only Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) and Covidien brand products in our surgeries.

Dr. Ferhat Çelik and his expert team aim for high success with strict Check-Ups of the process. For more information, you can contact us and follow our Instagram and Youtube accounts.

Gastric sleeve surgery costs in Turkey - İzmİR

Gastric Sleeve Operation Complete price: 2700 €

* It is the all inclusive operating fee that we charge with the closed method and 3 holes..

* This operation is a private operation.

* No installment payments possible

* Cash payment on site

* 3-4 days overnight stay in a private hospital including meals + accompaniment

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